Mission & Values

Vision Properties is fully committed to the places where we invest, the projects we build, and the people we serve.  Transforming communities is our passion.

Invest with Purpose

Vision Properties does more than respond to market opportunities.  We invest intentionally where we can positively impact the economy and fabric of a community.  Staying true to our entrepreneurial roots, we often venture into secondary or tertiary markets overlooked by larger real estate firms.  We will also assume risk in neighborhoods or locations where our projects become catalysts for larger scale improvement.

Build for Permanence

Vision Properties designs and constructs every development to last.  We always take the long-term view when considering any new project or investment.  As a true test of this commitment, our buildings are constructed at such a high level of quality that we would be comfortable living or working there.  In fact, we have!  We also build with an environmental conscience, with a focus on sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Partner for Success

Relationships are the foundation of Vision’s business practices.  We partner with lenders, equity funds, contractors, governments, and institutions to unlock the economic value of sites and buildings.  We also have the trust of our multi-family residents and commercial tenants to maintain their dwellings and workplaces with the highest standards of quality and appearance.