Rick Shaffer

Rick Shaffer, President


Rick Shaffer, the founder and owner of Vision Properties, was born and raised in West Conshohocken, PA.  As a young man, Rick watched and learned valuable craftsmanship skills from his grandfather, a well-established Master Builder.


Rick started in business as a sole proprietor specializing in building rehabilitation. Eventually, he transitioned into Shaffer Builders as a full service development company. Using his on-the-job education, and his hard work and dedication, Rick established Shaffer Builders with a solid reputation for excellence.


Rick’s strategic partnerships have been instrumental in propelling his firm into new product types and geographies.  After the Recession, he decided to launch Vision Properties to more adequately reflect his firm’s expanded capabilities.  Even with the growth of his projects, Rick still meticulously oversees every detail of construction, with on-site supervision of contractors and sub-contractors.  He also maintains control over budgets and staffing.